37 Garage Hacks to Declutter and Organize Perfectly

Is your garage a mess of random stuff piled up? You certainly need some garage hacks, even if it’s not the case. It’s always good to find new ways to organize and declutter, so we came up with some DIY organization hacks, and otherwise garage storage hacks to help you out sort your stuff and organize it properly. Shelving is not enough anymore, we all know that there are so many other ways to organize and even decorate your garage making it multi-purpose. Sure, most of the people use the garage only for their car or to store stuff they do not need at the moment, but what about garage bands and car shops people have to work on that old car they are trying to rebuild? They need some space too!

We found out some creative DIY hacks for your garage to store everything properly and have some spare space to work on your home projects. We swear there must be organizing masterminds behind some of the solutions available, we mean, who would take a clothes hanger to hold duct tape? It’s a genius idea! And what about all the power tools you have piled up on a shelf? We found solutions for those too! Bins and containers are great for some things, but with these garage hacks, you will save some space for everything.

We are always advising for people to use up their vertical space! If you hang some of the clutter on the wall, you will not have it laying around taking up space you need for other purposes. Even bikes can go on the wall! No matter what project you take on your garage, we can help you get some extra space. Looking for organizing nails and shovels and paintbrushes and paint and whatever you need to be sorted? We have got some cool ideas for you! Here are some great garage hacks for you!

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