27 Beautiful Nordic Interior Design Pictures

Scandinavian countries are part of our collective imagination for their beautiful green landscapes, warm traditions, and delicate wildlife.  Despite this, this region also has to offer a unique vision in architecture and interior decoration. This region has a unique approach to design in general, but the design of objects and spaces in particular, as it can be seen for the fact that Alvar Aalto, one of the most revolutionaries and transversal architects of our time was born in Denmark.

The contemporary Nordic interior design is almost like an evolving organism that comes from a long history of the culture of this region and its respect for the balance between nature, landscape, and civilization, treating these three factors as entities in a coherent and delicate dialogue.

The home features of Nordic interior design prioritizes natural lighting, respects and maximizes it by the usage of big openings to the outside (such as windows, among other architectural solutions), angles that allows for the light to flow inside the compartments and a palette of colors and temperatures of artificial lighting that don’t clash with the exterior daylight. This set of techniques makes for some of the Scandinavian lighting ideas that can be transposed beyond this region and into our homes,

Swedish home design is also distinguishable by usage of pastel colors, which bring peace and harmony to space. Nordic interior design includes many features clean lines and sober colors, featuring light-colored walls combined with either minimalist décor or it being displayed in a balanced way. Our team gathered many examples of how you can achieve this particular home design style in the shape of pictures in hopes of feeding your imagination and helping you create your own vision or adaptation of these home décor trend and style. Expect gray details, and pastel colors, warm-looking décor, and accessories and perhaps some green details in the shape of home plants. Take a look at what we found!

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