How To Get Tattoo Ink Out Of Carpet? (5 Steps)

How To Get Tattoo Ink Out Of Carpet

If you’ve had the unfortunate luck of spilling a little or a lot of tattoo ink on your carpet, here’s what you should know to remove the spill so that it’s as if it never happened! If you’ve gotten tattoo ink onto your carpet, the first thing to do is …


Do Duct Booster Fans Work? (Explained)

Do Duct Booster Fans Work

Do duct booster fans work? You might be wondering. If you need to invest in duct booster fans to get an even airflow in your home, read on below to find out! Yes, duct booster fans really do work as long as you understand how they can be helpful for …


How to Fix Bubbles in Drywall Tape? (6 Easy Steps)

How to Fix Bubbles in Drywall Tape

If you’ve discovered bubbles in your drywall tape, don’t assume your project is ruined! Take a look below for the help you need. If you need to know how to fix bubbles in drywall tape: Start by removing any compound on top of the drywall tape. Cut the bubbled portion …


How to Reinforce a Bed Frame to Hold More Weight? (5 Steps)

How to Reinforce a Bed Frame

If your bedframe is feeling too wobbly every time you sit on your bed, here’s how to reinforce a bed frame and all you need to know to make it hold more weight. There are a few ways to reinforce a bedframe, which is excellent for those who want solutions …


How to Remove Rust From Tiles?

How to Remove Rust From Tiles

Is your tile getting rust marks on it? No worries; it happens to everyone. Here’s how to remove rust from tiles, as well as tips to get it looking its best in no time! Your first choice to remove rust from tiles is to use a bit of lemon juice …


How to Unclog a Toilet When Nothing Works?

How to Unclog a Toilet When Nothing Works

There’s never a good time to have a clogged toilet, but it often happens at 9:00 PM on a Friday night. Need some fast, actionable help for unclogging a toilet? Read on to learn how to unclog a toilet when nothing works! For a troubleshooting approach to unclogging a toilet, …


How To Adjust A Toilet Float Water Level To Stop Running?

How To Adjust A Toilet Float

If you are having an issue with a constantly running toilet, you may need to adjust your toilet float. Here’s how to adjust a toilet float and all you need to know about how to do that! To adjust your toilet float, you’ll need to start with understanding what kind …


How to Clean Baseboards Without Bending Over?

How to Clean Baseboards Without Bending Over

If you want a fuss-free way to clean your home’s baseboards properly without bending over, this is your go-to guide! Cleaning your baseboards without bending over can involve two different approaches: give the task to someone who can bend over, or use your vacuum in combination with a microfiber mop …


Here’s Why Your House Smells Like Wet Dog (Explained)

house smells like wet dog

There’s one odor that tends to make everyone wrinkle their nose in disgust and reach to the air fresheners: wet dog smell. But, what actually is causing it? And more importantly, what can you do about it? All of that is waiting for you below! If your house smells like …


How to Get Rid of Toilet Rings? (Explained)

How to Get Rid of Toilet Rings

There’s nothing that ages your toilet more than a toilet ring! It’s both embarrassing and unsightly, yet a common problem even with those who clean their toilet regularly! Here’s what you’ll want to know on how to get rid of toilet rings. The best approach for a toilet ring is …


How To Turn A Deck Into A Sunroom? (7 Steps)

How To Turn A Deck Into A Sunroom

How would you like to have the best of both worlds? This guide makes it possible to transform your outdoor space into an all-year-round living room with a touch of luxury. I’m going to teach you how to turn a deck into a sunroom, so you can enjoy your outdoor …


How to insulate a sunroom? (Explained)

How to insulate a sunroom

How can you enjoy the benefits of owning a sunroom, but stay warm and cozy in the winter, and stay cool in the summer? Efficient insulation will help keep your sunroom at a comfortable temperature all year round. In the winter, insulation will help keep warm air inside, while in …