Taking Advantage of Your Attic Layout

6 Taking Advantage of Your Attic Layout

How many of us can say that we’ve actually made proper use out of our attics? For most of us, they’re unfinished spaces that give us the creeps whenever we have to go up there and grab a dusty box or two. Why not make use of this bonus space …

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26 Cool Wood Wall Art Inspiration

25 cool wood wall art

There are plenty of ways to do cool wood wall art, as you are about to see. Wood artwork can be bought from a wall art shop, but tackling it as a do it yourself project has its perks, such as it being able to be completely personalized and fit …

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27 Outstanding Contemporary Grey Bedroom Ideas

24 contemporary grey bedroom

Grey is a beautiful neutral color that can provide a classy yet relaxed vibe to your bedroom, that’s why today we are bringing you some of the best contemporary grey bedroom ideas available online. Our team has gathered to find ideas fit for your new contemporary bedroom playing with the …

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27 Appealing Modern Sinks and Vanities

24 modern sinks and vanities

There are many takes when it comes to modern sinks and vanities. The choice is various, as you can go for more of a classic look or the most contemporary ones. By combining the right modern bathroom vanity cabinets with the right sink – or sinks, shall you decide for …

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28 Kitchen Cabinets and Storage Ideas

25 kitchen cabinets and storage

Kitchen cabinets and storage are all about smart space usage. Kitchen storage options include creative ways to use space efficiently in many shapes and sizes, from drawers to shelves and DIY organizers that will make your life easier while cooking or baking. Tall kitchen cabinets with drawers and pull out …

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28 Creative Childrens Wall Art Ideas

26 childrens wall art ideas

From framed prints for children’s room to kids murals, creative childrens wall art ideas contain a lot of room for innovation and inspiration. Today our blog is focusing on children’s room wall art décor of many kinds so you can get some ideas on what can be done with your …

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28 Sage Green Decor Ideas

27 sage green decor

Among the most popular colors this year, the sage green decor is one of the top picks. Today our blog brings you some of the best decoration ideas with this color. It can be used in many ways, from paint colors for the walls of any room of your house …

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29 Extraordinary Contemporary Bedrooms

18 contemporary bedrooms

Contemporary bedrooms are made out of many details that pull the style together. Modern and contemporary furniture, combined with the right light fixtures, décor, linens, and colors can make the bedroom you deserve. By picking this kind of design for your bedroom, the general idea might be seen as connecting …

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