25 Pallet Entryway Table Ideas

We have covered many different kinds of pallet furniture and décor, and today it is time to show you great ideas on pallet entryway table projects. A pallet entryway table idea is not too complicated to put into action, as you do not need to much wood – a pallet or two can be enough – and once you figure out the steps to deconstruct the wood pallet and use the different parts to create something new, it will be easier. These ideas we are about to provide you with are somewhat similar, yet you can adapt the ones you like the most, perhaps pick the details that would suit your home décor best and go for the most matching option. A pallet entryway table can be done in numerous ways, and it is adaptable to different styles of décor, but the most popular kind of this kind of table is the one that matches the more rustic décor. This, however, does not mean you have to stick to rustic decoration, there are options for other styles of décor and, of course, you can include a rustic table in an otherwise modern décor, for instance. After all, we are talking about an entryway, it must look great as it is the first thing someone sees when they enter your place, but it can have its design style, different from the rest of the house.  There are many uses for these tables, such as plain décor, perhaps with candleholders, flowers or a clock, and more useful ideas, such as including a mirror for you to check yourself before going out or using the shelves as storage, for whatever you need. A pallet entryway table can be of different sizes, to match the room you have available, so you can go narrower or bigger depending on what you are working with and the uses you intend to give to it. Take a look at the plans we’ve found!

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