Taking Advantage of Your Attic Layout

How many of us can say that we’ve actually made proper use out of our attics? For most of us, they’re unfinished spaces that give us the creeps whenever we have to go up there and grab a dusty box or two.
Why not make use of this bonus space by creating modern, useful, practical spaces that we can use every day?

How to make your attic less attic-y
You don’t need to use your attic for boxes or creepy pieces of furniture that you hate.
You can make it practical and usable without the need to build an extension or bust down a wall! It’s all about respecting the space itself.

  • Accent the natural dimensions: Whether it’s strange corners or dropped ceilings, accent those features instead of hiding them away. Whether it’s through creative shelving, unique closet space, or even a reading nook, you can make even the strangest or tightest spaces look amazing.
  • Create a productive use of the space: Another essential detail to working with your attic layout is to make sure it’s going to be a productive space. Do you need a guest suite for visiting family or a master bedroom? Are you looking for an office space that is quiet and remote from the family? Do the kids need a playroom? Try to create a space that makes sense for your home’s needs.
  • Maximize natural light: Lastly, attics are notorious for being dingy and dark. Make the most out of the windows that you have and then extend that light further with bright, light colors and accent lighting.

Whether you decide to use your attic as a master bedroom, a granny or guest suite, an office, or a craft/reading space, it’s all about making it useful for your lifestyle. You’ll quickly realize that attics are often a true, honest bonus space if you know how to make the most out of it! Need more ideas? Take a look below!

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Rosa Peterson

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